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Baruch College - Newman Library

In 2017, I joined Baruch College as a web designer to redesign the website for Newman Library and create mockups for its mobile version.

HomePage Redesign Project Research

First, we got a clear idea about the elements we needed on the first page: Header, Footer, Global nav bar, Search bar, Ask a Librarian, Slides, Twitter feed, Computer usage, Room reservation.

Then we also got a list of elements that audiences may be interested in: Student Workshop, Course reservation, Database, history of search, Login for user account, News, and Maps.

We also worked with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to get more data about the popularity of all the pages. Based on the result, we reorganized the website to improve its user experience.

Wireframe Prototype with Balsamiq (Mobile Homepage)
HomePage Mockups (Mobile)

Based on the tradition of Baruch College, I chose to use blue as the primary color of this user interface. Compared with the first three mockups, the last one is more similar to its current website. I kept the yellow and black color set for the search bar and the buttons to keep the constant feature for the library system.

Remote Login Page and Report Page

Based on the process of login remotely and the experience. I optimized the experience and made a journey map for it.

Serial Solution Result Page Mockups
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