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I Find It

This app is designed for the class, Design for Usability, with my teammates Minnie Kang and Jason. IFindIt is an application for users to find and track their personal items. Users can use it for taking notes and photos, which can help them to keep things in mind. Users can also pin a spot on the map for recording their daily lives. This app will record the trace of users automatically in last 12 hours, so they can easily find where they went and got their items back.

Persona & Storyboard
User Test

1. The "Filter" button was too small and hard to notice it. It did not fit current aesthetics as well.

2. The direction of how to use this app was not clear enough.

3. Testers were confused with the maps funtion. They tried to make marks on the map and make notes.

4. The photo function was annoying. Audiences did not want to keep updating the last position of their item. Also it can occupy a lot of storage of their mobile.

5.No button for sign out or change account.


6. The pop-out buttons for adding notes was not too small for audiences to deal with.

UI Design
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