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Verizon - Verizon Modeling Analytics System

VMAS is a portal for engineers to check analytics reports for VoLTE, LTE and other KPIs. It was rewarded for the Fierce Telecom Innovation Award and Telco Data Analytics Industry Award as the most innovative big data platform in 2017. As the only designer in the team, my task was to design the whole website and optimize the system with new features. To build the product from ground up, I worked on UX research, collected feedback from target audiences, designed icons and mockups, created interactive prototypes and documented specification for developers. The product was finally released in July, 2017, and I am still working on it as part of the lean UX process. Here are some design process and mockups I created for this portal.

*All the data showing on the mockup is dummy data.

Key Responsibility:

1. Reorganize and classify existing reports

2. Optimize and simplify the system

3. Conceive new features

4. Create sitemap, wireframes and interactive prototypes for different user cases

5. Redesign the User Interface

6. Document specification and monitor Offshore team finishing the development on time

7. UI/UX validation and QA before release

Key Points for VMAS:

1. Target Audience: Device/Network/Marketing Team, Other engineers

2. Mobile friendly website

3. Dynamic system for domains and devices

4. Data visualization

5. Tech news engine

6. Forecasting function

7. Anomaly Detection function

7. Customize reports

8. Monitor and upload data

9. Feedback system

After discussed with the product manager, we picked the features and reorganized them to simplified the system. I created a sitemap for VMAS as overview of main menus.

VMAS Menu.jpg
VMAS Sitemap.png

Some wireframes for the user flow:

Video and hi-fidelity mockups for User Interface: