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Verizon - Enterprise Performance Analytics

EPA is a B2B portal for companies to submit tickets and monitor their devices. From day one, I participated in the discussion with clients. Since the whole website was designed under Verizon branding rule, I spent more time on the UX research and UX design for the system. Collaborated with our product manager, I dig deeply into the demands of our clients and what service we can provide for them based on our policy and data. It took about 8 months to go through the iterative process of design and development and the website was finally delivered in March, 2019. 

*All the data showing on the mockup is dummy data.

EPA Brainstorm.jpg

Key Responsibility:

1. Conceive features with PM and NRB team

2. Create sitemap, wireframes and interactive prototypes for different user cases

3. Design the User Interface with VZ branding guideline

4. Document specification and help front-end developers to complete the development

5. UI/UX validation and QA before release

6. Follow up with NRB team for feedback from clients and optimize the system

Key Points for EPA:

1. Target Audience: Enterprise Clients

2. Website for desktop, tablet and mobile

3. Security limitation

4. User priority

5. VZ branding guideline

6. Data visualization

7. Live Chat

8. Alert function

9. Weather information

10. Customized Location

After the brainstorm, I confirmed with product manager and NRB team for the key features and data sources to create a overview site map for EPA.

EPA Sitemap.png

Some wireframes for the user flow:

Hi-fidelity mockups for User Interface: