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Global Warming

To get a deeper understanding for the changing of climate, I made this installation as an experiment. The short video cost more than three hours to record the whole process. As the ice melt, our lives will be affect eventually.

Review - "We will watch the rise in greenhouse gases until it is too late to do anything about it"

In this article, Martin Wolf expresses his view on greenhouse gases. The whole earth is experiencing a higher and higher temperature in recent years, and there are lots of voices about this climate change. Martin made a statement that people nowadays have done little to prevent the deterioration of climate, which is also an opinion that I agree with. He also brought forward several reasons that impede us to further research on greenhouses gases.


Martin argued that, “as the civilization of ancient Rome was built on slaves, ours is built on fossil fuels.” 1There is no doubt that the burning of oil and coal contribute a lot to the greenhouse gases. It is a shame that there is not any possibility that we can get rid of these industries right now.  To make matters worse, with the increasing population, we need more energy to support the regular running of our society, which leads to a larger demand for oil and coal. Since the reduction of these industries will limit the development of a country, the leaders from different countries can hardly make an agreement to control the greenhouse gases together.

Meanwhile, people who live today are always pursuing a better life and considering little about the next generation. When we enjoy our convenient life, using the electronic products, driving our cars everywhere, we can not see the result of these actions immediately. Scientists predict that the bad effects will come up many years later, while many people do not really care about that. As the old line goes: “Why should I care about future generations? What have they ever done for me?” With this sense of selfishness, only a small part of people will keep their eyes on greenhouse gases voluntarily.


In addition to what we have talked above, human beings are also kind of overconfident. As Martin argued in his article,“A fourth is a touching confidence that, should the worst comes to the worst, human ingenuity will find some clever ways of managing the worst results of climate change.”2 When people realize the global warming is a really tough problem which they can hardly work out, they just push the problem to next generation. We all know that many species are dying out every day, and the environment is becoming more and more inhospitable for us. But many people may insist that human beings will finally find a way to survive on this planet, since we are the most intelligent creators that ever existed on the earth.


Martin emphasized that,“If that is to change, we must start by offering humanity a far better future. Fear of distant horror is not enough.”3 His argument inspired me to think about the greenhouse gases as a serious problem that we need to start to figure out from now on. Neither the deficient technology nor the limitation of finance are excuses to stop our steps. So I want to create a small artwork to alert people to the urgency and seriousness of global warming.



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